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Here’s a nice place for you to go ;)

The rainy season has come.

Most of you who have ever been here in this season must remember that humidity. Even you just wanna wash your shirts or underwears inside a hotel room or an airbnb, it takes much, much longer time to dry ;( , and…that’s what I am suffering these days (sigh).

But still, I love hanging around in streets, taking pictures around me: elementary children who play water after class; the long queue at taxi stand, or sometimes sitting somewhere with a bottle of herb tea ;)


Among the places I’ve visited in rainy days, there is a café, located on 3F Ginza Place (A1 Exit of Ginza Station), where is surrounded by Mitsukoshi  Isetan Department Store, SEIKO Ginza Building and the street towards to Yurakucho (有楽町).





I was amazed about this place because ALL THE DESSERTS ARE PRICED REASONABLY (JPY1,100 – JPY1,300), and come with one free drink (they have coffee, herb tea and ice tea for you to choose). People say their light lunch set is pretty good too, unfortunately we went there in a late afternoon and missed the lunch hour.

Luckily we got this terrace seat, the Seiko Ginza Building and Mitsukoshi Isetan Department Store are right in front of us.

We ordered 4 desserts this time (So that means we got 4 drinks for 2 persons lols):

Melon Parfait (Seasonal Menu)

This is really a fabulous combination with fruits, yogurt and melted chocolate.

Mix Fruits Tart

A low-salted tart base, make you enjoy different flavor and taste of each part.

Melon Tart (Seasonal Menu)

Try to imagine the fresh sweetness of melon meets cream cheese and lemon pastry

Orange Mochi (オレンジ大福)

Highly recommend! Tastes like you are unwrapping a present — cream & orange topping, melon icecream & cream cheese with oreo cookies, wrapped with mochi skin


What’s more? This herb water bar is free to use (urrrr sorry for this time, coz we had 4 drinks already ;P).

Usually, this café does not have time limit, so this place might be your best choice to chill after shopping.




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