It’s officially summer!

And I have a real question for you guys: Is your skin REALLY READY for the summer?

Here I found some amazing products that can help you keep feeling moisturized while maintaining a good skincare foundation all the summer long ;)

  • Facial Cleansing Brush

Some might think that sensitive skin cannot do facial cleansing too often, but I do not agree. I do believe that a proper facial cleansing makes our skin condition better and brighter. Your follow-ups (skincare and makeup) are affected by this step as well . Unfortunately my skin is too sensitive to use most type of cleansing brushes. And it took a really long time for me to find a proper brush to use.


Firstly I tried Clarisonic Mia Fit but found that it made my skin much more sensitive than regular facial cleansing ;( I mean this product is really good, and that’s why I chose to try out after reading lots of reviews. However I found it does not match sensitive skin even though some bloggers highly recommended it. So if you are the same type as me, you SHOULD NOT try this.

Late 2016, my friend recommended me to try LUNA Mini 2 when I almost gave up trying other facial cleansing brushes (I’ve tried some Japanese products that you can find in Bic Camera with discount, but trust me, DON’T BUY THEM unless you’re skin type is NORMAL or COMBINATION) .

Usually I use it once a day, after removing makeup and applying cleansing foam, and I realized that all my night skincare products can be better absorbed. My skin felt really silky after using it for weeks, and what’s more, the oily feeling in the next morning got much better! And its long-lasting battery also amazed me a lot: with once a day routine the battery lasts incredible 6months or even longer! And it charges via USB which is really convenient. I can say that using LUNA Mini 2 as my daily routine is really enjoyable. After using it my skin feels succulent and radiant than before.

  • Nuxe Dry Oil

Nuxe Dry Oil is just CLASSIC. This multi-purpose oil will make your face, body, even your hair and nails smooth once putting it on. Yes it’s quite oily but NEVER sticky. I’m pretty sure you will enjoy that moisture every day ;)

And I also love to use it as my night aroma massage oil after a long day of work. It calms me physically and mentally, and the aroma lasts till the next day. Besides the spray bottle is quite hard to use (when your hands are oily), it’s quite a perfect oil for daily use.

Oh, the price is wallet friendly. Usually it costs about 23 USD for 50ml, and I can use it for estimated 10months.

  • Avène Thermal Spring Water Sray


This spray needs no introduction. I REALLY, REALLY LOVE TO USE IT all year round. It’s an all-season type spray, quickly quenches your skin’s thirst and keeps it moisturized all day long.

What’s more, you can spray directly on your makeup to get a perfect clear and long-lasting look.

This amazing spray can also be used for burns, scratches, and cooling. Can provide instant relief and lasting comfort.


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